In girum #2 in Dock 11, Berlin, 18>21 October 2007

4 instant composition evenings curated by Real Dance Super Sentai

I am a reborn smoker, dancing the absent body

Robert Steijn: dance + words

Robert Steijn shows how at the age of 45 he started to dance on stage. It was his only way to get in contact physically with all the people who he lost in his life. It will be an intimate lecture demonstration (telling and dancing at the same time) investigating how the mind works when it puts itself on the path of imagination and experimentation.
This new solo started as a lecture given at a conference about the absent body at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam.

Robert Steijn, performer & dramaturge lives in Vienna and Amsterdam. He started a working collaboration with Frans Poelstra, called United Sorry. One of their first performances was "Frans Poelstra, his dramaturge and Bach", their newest performance "Feminine Delight" will premiere at the festival Steirische Herbst in Graz, October 2007.

It is on, the search of silence

Ivo Bol: music - Ailed Izurieta: dance

A sensory journey through shifts of awareness and physical experiences, until stillness is found in sound and dance.

Ailed Izurieta studied modern dance in Caracas and graduated from international studies at the Central University of Venezuela in 1996. Resident in the Netherlands since 2001, Ailed was in 2003 guest student in ArteZ Dance Academy of Holland. Her works as freelance dancer and creator has been continuously developing and led her to participate in several projects, festivals and competitions in Venezuela, Holland, Germany, Japan and Austria.

Ivo Bol is a composer and sound artist from Amsterdam who specializes in music for performance, film and theatre. He has finished a Sonology course at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag and has participated in workshops at STEIM, with Dogtroep and with Han Bennink / Magpie Dance Music Company. Ivo has worked with theatre makers, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists such as Kenzo Kusuda, Martin Butler, Ivana Muller, Maria Ines Villasmil, Matija Ferlin, Pere Gay I Faura, Jose Navas/FLAK and the Guangdong Modern Dance Company. He has performed throughout Europe, in China, the United States and Venezuela.


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