In girum #1 in Dock 11, Berlin, 9>12 August 2007

4 instant composition evenings curated by Real Dance Super Sentai

Schmetterlinge, Sex & Hypochondrie

Ines Birkhan: dance

„Butterflies, sex & hypochondria is part of a series of dance works using this title – a personal understanding of how social repression of physicality can be released through performance – in a programmatic way.

"In case of disturbance the caterpillar withdraws its head downwards, curves the chest section spherically up and presents its eye marks…"

Born in Vienna, living in Berlin since 2005, Ines Birkhan studied fine arts and sculpture at the Academie of Applied Arts in Vienna, then dance and choreography at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. Since she graduated from SNDO in 2003 she develops a composite work as a dancer & choreographer, a video-artist and a writer, intertwining these different medias in challenging compositions. Since 2004 she is co-director of the company Real Dance Super Sentai.


Bertram Dhellemmes: music
Helga Wretman:

Daniel Keller & Asier Solana:
light design

Untitled is an instant composition performance where dance & music are built by mutually founding each other, in a deeply physical and reciprocal manipulation of sound, light, movement and space.

Helga Wretman got her professional dance education at the Royal Swedisch Ballet School (contemporary part) during which she participated in many productions in the Stockholm Opera Haus. She choreographed and performed in different dance spaces such as Dansens Hus, mostly as a member of D-Company (Isadora Duncan dance company), and Orion Theatern. In 2005, she moved to Berlin to explore the German dance scene and stayed there to work as a freelance dancer with different choreographers, artists, film makers and designers, such as Tomi Paasonen, Paul Julius and Steven Dwonsky.

A multimedia artist, Bertram Dhellemmes endlessly explores the combinations of the many artistic disciplines he's been involved in : visual arts, video, poetry, cinema, music, dance - and theory. As a performer, he's been studying dance with several body weather practitioners, including its founder Min Tanaka, and used dance in feed-back with his practice of improvised music. More focusing now on direction, he's the founder of the company Real Dance Super Sentai.