Angel Meat / Nought flyer

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Angel Meat/Noughts in Dock11, Berlin > 10/11 February 2007 (in girum #0)

an instant composition performance evening curated by Real Dance Super Sentai

Angel Meat

Kyung-sun Baek: dance - Bertram Dhellemmes: music

Angel Meat is based on a feedback between artistic research and the established rock subculture that is the main background of western people. Art being for one century busy defining itself in its successive modern / postmodern / hypermodern manifestations, pop culture has been left dealing with big issues such as death, sexuality, love or metaphysic – often awkwardly, but now it's today's mythology.

A multimedia work in progress, Angel Meat opens up this mythical universe with the strategies of informal experimental performance art – the current issue involving music (Bertram Dhellemmes) and dance (Kyung-sun Baek).


Daniel Schorno: music - Frank van de Ven: dance

'Noughts' is the platform Daniel Schorno (electronics) and Frank van de Ven (dance) created to breach boundaries of dialectics between sound, gesture, motion & video art, through improvisation of a hyper sensitive nature.

The duo uses the notion of 'nought', archaic interpretations of the term, a frantic game of 'noughts & crosses', played out to exhaustion and the inspiration of the meanings of 'zero', into performances of great delicacy and power.

Both are based in Amsterdam and are travelling and performing individually and together the world over.