In girum #3 in Dock 11, Berlin, 24>27 January 2008


Marco Barotti: music - Rebecca Fratini: dance

Mitwintertanz intends to be a dance and music based celebration, offered to anyone who feels a need to celebrate but doesn't know what, why and how. Liveliness and physicality are the easiest things to share.
Rebecca Fratini was born in Sweden in 1981. She started her dance education at Danscenter in Stockholm and received her degree at Tanzakademie Balance 1 in Berlin in 2006. Since September of 2006 she has been working on her own projects as a choreographer and dancer. Among these projects were 2 Imperfect Drops shown at the TanzTage Berlin, Klimazone26 performed in 48 Stunden Neuk├Âlln, and Moora wich was a solo dance performance created for an exhibition in Warmsen.

Marco Barotti, drummer and percussionist, is a 2002 graduate from the Siena Jazz Academy. Marco has studied with Alessio Riccio, Francesco Petreni, Mariano Di Nunzio, Roberto Nannetti, Klaus Lessman. In 2005 he received an endorsement from the PanArt Company in Switzerland to help demonstrate and to develop new techniques for their new instrument called the HANG. In 2006 he created the BC Project and started a series of performances based on jazz improvisation and the mixing of acoustic and electronic sounds - using non conventional instruments, exploring the mellow-acoustic sound of the HANG and combining it with a hybrid of loops, delays and distortion.

Dioniso Amore Mio

Lara Martelli: dance, music

Dioniso amore mio is a travel through Chaos, searching for the sediment, the aura that the dancing body leaves behind. Surrounded and contrasted by a re-created and artificial Chaos, the dancing body seeks a new internal order.

This instant composition performance is the first stage of a work-in-progress that will later evolve – or regress – into a film and a set piece.

Lara Martelli was born in Pesaro, Italy. She first studied music (violin) in Conservatorio Rossini in Pesaro, then dance - first in New York with Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis, she studied and at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen where she graduated. She has worked as a dancer with very different choreographers and theatre directors (among others with Sosta Palmizi, S. Linke, U. Dietrich, R. Leoni, J. Fabre, F. Ruckert). In her work as a performer and choreographer she has changed genre several times and has thereby gathered experience in the field between classical dance theatre, contemporary choreography and improvisation. Her curiosity to explore different body states, energetic transformations and metamorphoses leads her to ever new experiments.

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Ines Birkhan & Bertram Dhellemmes: artistic supervision



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