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In Girum... #5 - review

you will find a first review of
In Girum... #5 / Invitation in the Berliner Morgenpost (in german)


In Girum #5 - flyer

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In Girum... #5 in Dock 11, Berlin, 8>11 May 2008

Rachel Brooker: concept / choreography

Invitation is an interactive dance work which opens with the words:
“This is an invitation to touch anywhere on exposed skin. You are free to touch, or not to touch. Please enter the space". Dancers arrange and rearrange themselves, offering and withdrawing parts of the body as they compose their invitations to the audience. In the words of reviewer Adam Bliss, “As I moved about the installation, I was struck by the tenderness and intense concentration shared by dancers and touchers alike”.

The piece was inspired by the following quote:

Things wabi-sabi are usually small and compact, quiet and inward-oriented. They beckon: get close, touch, relate. They inspire a reduction of the psychic distance between one thing and another thing; between people and things.
Leonard Koren, Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers

Choreographer Ra
chel Brooker read these words in the Tate Modern café. An image formed- dancers transformed into objects, offered to the audience to be touched, known, experienced. A reduction of the distance between things. Through a season-long rehearsal process and repeated performances the idea has developed and matured into Invitation, a unique and memorable performative proposition.

concept/choreography: Rachel Brooker

Music: Laura Mello

Dance: Rachel Brooker | Claudia Ginsberg |
Nahid Matin Pour | Christine Mauch | Laura Mello | James Neirinck | Maria Pyatkova | Laura Weiss

Video: Kosei Takasaki


Rachel Brooker studied Dance and Biology at
Swarthmore College and has been dancing and choreographing professionally for nine years. She directs Anima Dance, a modern dance company based in Berlin. In addition to her international choreography and teaching credits, she has performed with Marc Bogaerts, Sabine Dahrendorf, Jenny Haack, Dai Jian and Felix Ruckert, among others. She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2006.


Kosei Takasaki, is a filmmaker, journalist, and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. He is known for his full and rich imaginary and exceptional creations. Since 1999 he’s dedicated to filming, live video installations and also different visual projects in theaters, festivals and clubs worldwide. One could see his performances at the
MELT! Festival 2004-2007, the c/o Pop, the International Videofestival Bochum, the International Exhibition for Design in Cologne and the Csides Festival in Jerusalem, Israel, the music festival Tokyo Collaboration and at the LUX2006 "Meeting for Visual Arts" in Sevilla and also several film competitions and festivals. In 2007 he ran a workshop in cooperation with the Academy for Arts and Design Halle researching the concept of “cinematic painting” and the synergy of dance and video. In 2006 Takasaki founded his video label for visual arts, kokomono, and is since then building up a creative and vivid visual network.


Laura Mello was born in Blumenau, Brazil. She tudied piano, viola, composition in Brazil and electroacoustic music at the
University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Mello writes and performs music for and in theater, dance, multimedia performance and sound art in Brazil, Austria and Germany. In 2005 she won the Theodor Körner Prize, and in 2007 founded the artists´collective KosmetiKRadio. She lives in Berlin where she is writing her PhD about cooperation between artists and software programmers in dance performances. Her work has been seen in Brazil, Europe and the USA.


In Girum... #4 flyer

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In girum #4 in Dock 11, Berlin, 13>16 March 2008

To struggle

Diego Chamy:
dance | Robin Hayward: music

Robin Hayward and Diego Chamy’s work is based on an improvisation of non-reaction, in which the apparent discourse between the two artists turns out to be two separated series of events, each taking place in solitary confinement. This impracticable communication acts as a starting point for a kind of drama, where the stage becomes a diagonal line in which different kinds of events are thrown: concentrations and dispersions of the space-time provided by a percussive and noise-based approach to tuba playing, twisted and out-of-confusion actions and inactions, fake movements, forced displacements and invisible gestures.

A palindrome has no exit. Once you enter, the only thing you will find is the entrance again and again. Maybe the exit is in the middle, in the form of a thin invisible line. But maybe we need alternative ways of escape. In any case, it’s a baroque room without exits carrying a strong dramatic impulse. It prevents the movements as translations in a given plane by reversing their direction in an unexpected moment. Its effects constitute a world of reflections populated by blurred subjects that already lost the ownership of their actions. Robin’s musical discourse and my movements-actions are two entrances that won’t communicate. There will be a thin line where an encounter can happen, but this possibility won’t dissolve the feeling of desperation for going out of the series and jump into a different plane. This jump can remain virtual or actual, and it will introduce or only suppose any chance of consumption.

The tuba player and composer Robin Hayward, born in Brighton, England in 1969, has been based in Berlin since 1998. He has radically extended the tuba’s potential both in the areas of noise and microtonality, and his compositions for other instruments reflect a similar medium-specific approach. As an interpreter his specific playing ability has been utilized by leading composers such as Alvin Lucier, Christian Wolff and Peter Ablinger. He has toured extensively both solo and in collaboration. His research to date has been documented in his solo CD Valve Division and numerous collaborative releases. Active in many contemporary music ensembles including Phosphor, Ictus and Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, in 2005 he founded Zinc & Copperworks for continued research into brass instruments.

Diego Chamy (b.1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a multidisciplinary artist who has just moved to Berlin. His work was exclusively focused in improvised and experimental music, playing a drastically reduced percussion set until 2004, but since 2005 he stopped playing music and all at once started to work in other art fields such as performance-art, dance, video-art and sound poetry, somehow traducing the background concepts of his work in music into other media. He has collaborated with musicians and composers devoted to experimental and contemporary music, and also worked with dancers, choreographers, visual artists and film directors in a large number of projects around Europe, South America, the USA and Israel.

Las manos. Son dos

Constanza Brncic: dance - Ferran Fages: music

De pie.
Para no enredarse con la sombra.
La sombra ensambla referencias
equívocas. Cabeza y rodilla,
por ejemplo. O peor,
hombro y objeto sanitario.

De pie.
Para abreviar.

Chantal Maillard, Hilos

Not to tangle with shadow.
Shade joins equivocal referencies. Head and knee,
for exemple. Or worst,
shoulder and sanitary object.

To abbreviate.

Constanza Brncic Monsegur lives in Barcelona (with her daughter Gabriela) where she develops her work as a dance maker, improviser and teacher. In 2000 she creates the association La Sospechosa, creating and producing various projects that have in common an concern in body and representation. These projects are developed in several areas: group improvisation work in different contexts (street, jails, hospitals, studio), dance pieces, art and technology projects, and learning-teaching situations. In the last years, he has collaborated, learned from, accompanied, met: Carme Torrent, Andrés Corchero, Rosa Muñoz, Hisako Horikawa, Frank van de Ven, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Matt Davis, Gabriel Brncic, Teresa Monsegur, Joan Saura, Anna Subirana, Ferran Fages, Liba Villavechia, Agustí Fernández, Malpelo dance co., Victoria Szpunberg, Noemí Sjöberg, Núria Izquierdo, colectivo IBA and others. Her work has been seen in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

Ferran Fages plays guitar, amplifiers, turntables and electronics (“feedback mixing board”, pick-ups and oscillators). He lives and works in Barcelona (Spain). He was member of the collective IBA from 1999 to 2006. He’s very active in improvisation since 2000, playing with regular projects such as: Cremaster and Fages-Barberán-Costa Monteiro trio among others. He’s currently working with dancer Constanza Brncic in the project ENTRA that will be premiered in may 2008.

* * *

Artistic supervision: Ines Birkhan + Bertram Dhellemmes


In Girum... #3 flyer

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In girum #3 in Dock 11, Berlin, 24>27 January 2008


Marco Barotti: music - Rebecca Fratini: dance

Mitwintertanz intends to be a dance and music based celebration, offered to anyone who feels a need to celebrate but doesn't know what, why and how. Liveliness and physicality are the easiest things to share.
Rebecca Fratini was born in Sweden in 1981. She started her dance education at Danscenter in Stockholm and received her degree at Tanzakademie Balance 1 in Berlin in 2006. Since September of 2006 she has been working on her own projects as a choreographer and dancer. Among these projects were 2 Imperfect Drops shown at the TanzTage Berlin, Klimazone26 performed in 48 Stunden Neukölln, and Moora wich was a solo dance performance created for an exhibition in Warmsen.

Marco Barotti, drummer and percussionist, is a 2002 graduate from the Siena Jazz Academy. Marco has studied with Alessio Riccio, Francesco Petreni, Mariano Di Nunzio, Roberto Nannetti, Klaus Lessman. In 2005 he received an endorsement from the PanArt Company in Switzerland to help demonstrate and to develop new techniques for their new instrument called the HANG. In 2006 he created the BC Project and started a series of performances based on jazz improvisation and the mixing of acoustic and electronic sounds - using non conventional instruments, exploring the mellow-acoustic sound of the HANG and combining it with a hybrid of loops, delays and distortion.

Dioniso Amore Mio

Lara Martelli: dance, music

Dioniso amore mio is a travel through Chaos, searching for the sediment, the aura that the dancing body leaves behind. Surrounded and contrasted by a re-created and artificial Chaos, the dancing body seeks a new internal order.

This instant composition performance is the first stage of a work-in-progress that will later evolve – or regress – into a film and a set piece.

Lara Martelli was born in Pesaro, Italy. She first studied music (violin) in Conservatorio Rossini in Pesaro, then dance - first in New York with Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis, she studied and at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen where she graduated. She has worked as a dancer with very different choreographers and theatre directors (among others with Sosta Palmizi, S. Linke, U. Dietrich, R. Leoni, J. Fabre, F. Ruckert). In her work as a performer and choreographer she has changed genre several times and has thereby gathered experience in the field between classical dance theatre, contemporary choreography and improvisation. Her curiosity to explore different body states, energetic transformations and metamorphoses leads her to ever new experiments.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ines Birkhan & Bertram Dhellemmes: artistic supervision



Reviews and pictures of In Girum... #1 performances on Modern Dance Reviews.


In Girum #2 > Robert Steijn in Dock 11, Berlin, October 2007

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In girum #2 flyer

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In girum #2 in Dock 11, Berlin, 18>21 October 2007

4 instant composition evenings curated by Real Dance Super Sentai

I am a reborn smoker, dancing the absent body

Robert Steijn: dance + words

Robert Steijn shows how at the age of 45 he started to dance on stage. It was his only way to get in contact physically with all the people who he lost in his life. It will be an intimate lecture demonstration (telling and dancing at the same time) investigating how the mind works when it puts itself on the path of imagination and experimentation.
This new solo started as a lecture given at a conference about the absent body at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam.

Robert Steijn, performer & dramaturge lives in Vienna and Amsterdam. He started a working collaboration with Frans Poelstra, called United Sorry. One of their first performances was "Frans Poelstra, his dramaturge and Bach", their newest performance "Feminine Delight" will premiere at the festival Steirische Herbst in Graz, October 2007.

It is on, the search of silence

Ivo Bol: music - Ailed Izurieta: dance

A sensory journey through shifts of awareness and physical experiences, until stillness is found in sound and dance.

Ailed Izurieta studied modern dance in Caracas and graduated from international studies at the Central University of Venezuela in 1996. Resident in the Netherlands since 2001, Ailed was in 2003 guest student in ArteZ Dance Academy of Holland. Her works as freelance dancer and creator has been continuously developing and led her to participate in several projects, festivals and competitions in Venezuela, Holland, Germany, Japan and Austria.

Ivo Bol is a composer and sound artist from Amsterdam who specializes in music for performance, film and theatre. He has finished a Sonology course at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag and has participated in workshops at STEIM, with Dogtroep and with Han Bennink / Magpie Dance Music Company. Ivo has worked with theatre makers, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists such as Kenzo Kusuda, Martin Butler, Ivana Muller, Maria Ines Villasmil, Matija Ferlin, Pere Gay I Faura, Jose Navas/FLAK and the Guangdong Modern Dance Company. He has performed throughout Europe, in China, the United States and Venezuela.


In girum #1 flyer

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In girum #1 in Dock 11, Berlin, 9>12 August 2007

4 instant composition evenings curated by Real Dance Super Sentai

Schmetterlinge, Sex & Hypochondrie

Ines Birkhan: dance

„Butterflies, sex & hypochondria is part of a series of dance works using this title – a personal understanding of how social repression of physicality can be released through performance – in a programmatic way.

"In case of disturbance the caterpillar withdraws its head downwards, curves the chest section spherically up and presents its eye marks…"

Born in Vienna, living in Berlin since 2005, Ines Birkhan studied fine arts and sculpture at the Academie of Applied Arts in Vienna, then dance and choreography at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. Since she graduated from SNDO in 2003 she develops a composite work as a dancer & choreographer, a video-artist and a writer, intertwining these different medias in challenging compositions. Since 2004 she is co-director of the company Real Dance Super Sentai.


Bertram Dhellemmes: music
Helga Wretman:

Daniel Keller & Asier Solana:
light design

Untitled is an instant composition performance where dance & music are built by mutually founding each other, in a deeply physical and reciprocal manipulation of sound, light, movement and space.

Helga Wretman got her professional dance education at the Royal Swedisch Ballet School (contemporary part) during which she participated in many productions in the Stockholm Opera Haus. She choreographed and performed in different dance spaces such as Dansens Hus, mostly as a member of D-Company (Isadora Duncan dance company), and Orion Theatern. In 2005, she moved to Berlin to explore the German dance scene and stayed there to work as a freelance dancer with different choreographers, artists, film makers and designers, such as Tomi Paasonen, Paul Julius and Steven Dwonsky.

A multimedia artist, Bertram Dhellemmes endlessly explores the combinations of the many artistic disciplines he's been involved in : visual arts, video, poetry, cinema, music, dance - and theory. As a performer, he's been studying dance with several body weather practitioners, including its founder Min Tanaka, and used dance in feed-back with his practice of improvised music. More focusing now on direction, he's the founder of the company Real Dance Super Sentai.


Angel Meat / Nought flyer

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Angel Meat/Noughts in Dock11, Berlin > 10/11 February 2007 (in girum #0)

an instant composition performance evening curated by Real Dance Super Sentai

Angel Meat

Kyung-sun Baek: dance - Bertram Dhellemmes: music

Angel Meat is based on a feedback between artistic research and the established rock subculture that is the main background of western people. Art being for one century busy defining itself in its successive modern / postmodern / hypermodern manifestations, pop culture has been left dealing with big issues such as death, sexuality, love or metaphysic – often awkwardly, but now it's today's mythology.

A multimedia work in progress, Angel Meat opens up this mythical universe with the strategies of informal experimental performance art – the current issue involving music (Bertram Dhellemmes) and dance (Kyung-sun Baek).


Daniel Schorno: music - Frank van de Ven: dance

'Noughts' is the platform Daniel Schorno (electronics) and Frank van de Ven (dance) created to breach boundaries of dialectics between sound, gesture, motion & video art, through improvisation of a hyper sensitive nature.

The duo uses the notion of 'nought', archaic interpretations of the term, a frantic game of 'noughts & crosses', played out to exhaustion and the inspiration of the meanings of 'zero', into performances of great delicacy and power.

Both are based in Amsterdam and are travelling and performing individually and together the world over.